Almost 30 new services are available on e-Gov mobile app

Publish date: February 22, 2016

Twenty nine new services are available to users of e-Gov mobile app this year. Among them are the following services: submission of e-application for marriage registration, registration in medical organization, making an appointment to doctor and checking of prohibitions on going abroad through Debtors` Registry.  In general, Kazakhstani citizens can obtain more than 80 various services via their mobile devices. 

Access possibilities are also expanding and from February the app can be downloaded by those citizens whose smartphones operate on Windows Phone platform. Previously, it was available only for iOS and Android.

Besides, the app does not require authorization. It has a functional of guest entry through which it is possible to obtain about 10 services, among which are: queuing to CSC, payment for mobile communication services and checking the progress in waiting list for kindergarten. 

Also, it is possible to log in with the help of digital signature (DS) on iOS and Android platforms. DS enables users looking through contents of a new User`s personal cabinet. To use all functions provided by digital signature, including obtainment of services it should be recorded on SIM card (for subscribers of Altel and Beeline) or  transfered to phone memory.