Developers of exchanged experience with Kyrgyz and Azerbaijani colleagues

Publish date: September 9, 2015

National Information Technologies JSC staffs visited the capital cities of Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan as members of Base ICT Organization for CIS Countries in terms of experience exchange program.

In the period August 26 to September 3, Kazakhstan delegation had meetings with members of government agencies in charge of e-Government development in Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan, familiarized with local IT parks and analogues of Kazakhstani citizen service centers.

As it was mentioned in e-Governance Center of Kyrgyzstan Government, ICT development in the country is governed by the law “On Informatization”.  The country’s e-governance is currently undergoing the transition phase, with the basic goal to elaborate and improve the existing legal framework. Kyrgyz Republic’s Register of Public Services contains 396 services of which 26 are subject to automation.

In Azerbaijan Republic, according to Deputy Director of Data Processing Center under Ministry of Communication and High Technology Nazim Madatov, 409 e-services have already been implemented on the portal:

Madatov also informed  that to date, over 35 thousand digital signatures have been issued in Azerbaijan. Just to compare: in Kyrgyzstan, about 3 thousand, in Kazakhstan – over 8.2 million digital signatures have been issued. As distinct from Kazakhstan, digital signatures in Kyrgyz and Azerbaijan Republics are issued on a payable basis.

Yelnur Aspanov, Director of e-Government Development Department in Ministry of Communication and High Technology AR told about the plans on running online payments without entering the bank card details. He also expressed interest in reviewing the service-based model practices being implemented currently in Kazakhstan.

Furthermore, the delegation members had a meeting with Deputy Minister of Communication and High Technology, Azerbaijan Republic Elmir Velizadeh who pointed out in co0nversation that Azerbaijani party was taking into consideration, inter alia, Kazakhstan’s experience in developing e-Government.

In addition, members of the Base Organization held a series of meetings with representatives of the ICT sector in the Republic of Belarus and Moldova, and will travel to Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan next week.

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On November 21, 2014, at the session of Board of CIS Heads of Governments in Ashkhabad, “Zerde” Holding was given the status of the base organization of CIS states for methodological and organizational/technical support to ICT works. National Information Technologies JSC has been an affiliate of National “Zerde” ICT Holding since 2008.