E-Lisencing services became more user-friendly and convenient

Publish date: February 24, 2021

The National Information Technologies JSC specialists re-designed the e-Licensing Portal. Now, more user-friendly and convenient interface is available for Kazakhstani citizens, which will considerably facilitate the website navigation.   

The changes had not only been applied to the external design but also the internal business processes were optimized. Along with that, there will be tips available on the Portal intended to help citizens when they use the Portal. The tips will be published if needed and under the initiative of a government agency that owns a service.    

“Web technologies are changing each day and a website design relevant and convenient for users several years ago is now deemed to be obsolete and not user-friendly. We had been researching the users behaviour on the Portal for a long time   and decided on the complete re-design. Our goal was to provide citizens with a platform where they can get over 460 permits online using a user-friendly interface” commented Dias Kadyrov, Acting Chairman of the Board, National Information Technologies JSC.  

Moreover, a new service was introduced to the e-Lisencing Portal called “Adaptation of services”, which will enable testing a new service prior to its launch, getting feedback from users and based on the feedback the process of permits issue will be enhanced.