Which public services are still popular during emergency situation? (besides “42500” and digital signature)

Publish date: April 17, 2020

During the emergency situation, Kazakhstani citizens have obtained over 8.2 million public services. The most popular ones are obtainment of digital signature online and submission of application for a benefit “42500”.

However, there is a number of other public services which are also popular among citizens.   

We outlined the most popular public services with brief information on how to obtain them.  

Finding addresses for real estate units on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan (over 130 thousand abstracts have been obtained since the beginning of the emergency situation).

To obtain the service, you need to sign in on Egov.kz Portal and order the service online. Then, fill in and submit a request. Afterwards, a user can familiarize with an issued abstract in “History of Obtained Services” section.

Read more: https://egov.kz/cms/ru/services/buy_sale/pass668_mir.

Obtaining information on the amount of basic pension payment (about 105 thousand abstracts have been issued).

The service to calculate a basic pension payment can be ordered on the homepage of eGov.kz Portal. To do this, sign in using any convenient method (via login/password, digital signature, SMS password), perform 3 easy steps and obtain an abstract. An issued abstract is available in “History of Obtained Services” section of Personal Account.

Read more: https://egov.kz/services/P6.13.2/.

Obtaining an abstract on availability/non-availability of real estate (over 90 thousand abstracts).  

The service can be obtained online on eGov.kz Portal. To do this, you need to sign in and order the service. Afterwards, you need to fill in a request and sign it using two options, i.e. digital signature or SMS password. The second option requires registration in Mobile Citizens Database. Then, within 20 minutes, an issued abstract will appear in Personal Account.  

Read more: https://egov.kz/cms/ru/services/buy_sale/pass077_mu

Obtaining abstract that confirms an applicant`s right to receive targeted social assistance (about 71.5 thousand abstracts)

To obtain the service, you need to sign in on the e-Gov Portal, fill in an application and sign it using digital signature. You can familiarize with an abstract in Personal Account (“History of Obtained Services” section).

Read more: https://egov.kz/cms/ru/services/family_support/pass175_mtszn

Obtaining information on the status of pension savings (over 70 thousand abstracts).

You can check amount of pension savings on Egov.kz Portal by ordering the service called "Obtaining information on the status of pension savings (inclusive of investment return) of contributor (recipient) of single pension savings fund". To do this, you need to sign in on the Portal, fill in a request, sign it using digital signature and within minutes you will see information indicating a sum of your savings obtained from the single pension savings fund.

Read more: https://egov.kz/cms/ru/services/pension/pass111_enpf

It should be reminded that 80% of public services are automated on e-Gov Portal. You can obtain public services via eGov.kz Portal, eGov Mobile app and chat bots in Telegram, Facebook and VKontakte messengers.