Third party e-certificates obtainment service

How to obtain the service online

  1. A third party* shall need to log in on the portal and click the Request Online button.
  2. Enter the IIN of the individual (user**) in whose name the e-certificate*** is to be ordered, and press the “Check the user for registration”.
  3. Sign it with EDS (electronic digital signature) or by means of sms-code (it is necessary to have a registration in the base of mobile citizens).

If the user has been registered on the portal and Mobile Citizens Database, a message will be sent to User’s Personal Account for approval/denial of the request, and 2 sms in Kazakh and Russian asking to confirm that the third party has received the e-certificate in the user’s name.

Note: User should approve/decline the request for obtainment of e-certificate within 2 hours since the time the request was received. Upon the expiration of 2 hours, the User’s reply shall be deemed invalid

  1. In the Personal Account (in the Services History section), view the result from the service provided.

If the user has confirmed that the third party has received the e-certificate, then in the Personal Account (in the Services History section) the requested e-certificate in the name of user will be accessible to the third party. If the user declined the request then in the Personal Account (in the Incoming Mail section), the third party will be notified through the respective message.

third party may be represented both by an individual and by a legal entity.

** user may be represented solely by an individual.

*** Issuance of the address reference from a residence
Issue of a certificate of registered rights to real estate
Issuance of a certificate of the absence (presence) of real estate
Issuance of information on receipt and flow of funds owned by a depositor of the integrated retirement savings fund
Issuance of a certificate of the presence or absence of a criminal record
The information on the commission of administrative violation by a person
Issuance of certificate confirming belonging of applicant(family) to recipients of addressed social aid
Issuance of certificate from narcological organization
Issuance of certificate from psychoneurological organization
Issuance of certificate from antituberculous organization
Issuance of certificate of registration as unemployed
Issuance of information on the state of pension savings (including investment income) of a depositor (recipient) of the Unified Accumulative Pension Fund
Provision of an extract from the personal account on the status of settlements with the budget for the fulfillment of tax obligations of an individual
Providing information from the state land cadastre
The issuance of information on participation as a consumer of medical services and on the amounts of deductions and (or) contributions listed in the system of mandatory social health insurance
Issuance of the application to technical data sheet containing data on the owner (proprietor) of real estate
Issuance of certificates on the attitude of a citizen to military service
Obtaining a certificate on the status of the international scholarship "Bolashak" fellow
Issue of references on registered and discontinued rights for the real estate
Provision an information on availability (absence) of debt accounting of which is made by state income bodies
Issuance of a certificate on determination of the address of real estate objects on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Learn video about obtaining third party e-certificates obtainment

Result of the service delivery

The results from service delivery shall be the address reference from a residence, certificate on registered of rights for immovable property, certificate of absence (presence) of immovable property of an individual, certificate on existance or absence of conviction record, certificate on the commission of administrative violations by a person, certificate confirming that the service recipient is a beneficiary of targeted social assistance, statement on the registration/non-registration at a dispensary at narcological organization, statement on the psychiatrist on registration/non-registration at psychoneurological organization, statement on the registration/non-registration at antituberculous organization.