eGov mobile app

The mobile application can be used by citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan registered in the Mobile Citizens Database.

The eGov Mobile App is available for download in Google Play (the required version of Android is 5.0 or later), AppStore (the required version of iOS is 11.3 or later). 

You can log in to the app using digital signature or one-time password*.

The eGov Mobile App enables using digital signature in the most convenient way:

 • The eGov Mobile App allows linking an existing digital signature to a 4-digit PIN code and built-in biometrics of device (Face ID, Touch ID). Once you link your digital signature to PIN code and biometrics, you won`t be distracted no more to select a digital signature and enter password each time you log in and obtain services.

 • Also, the capability is available in eGov mobile to obtain a digital signature in the mobile app itself.

The main page of the app shows:

Brief instructions for a user on how to use the app. The instructions are made in the form of stories familiar to users from social media.

QR scanner. You can log in on the website by scanning a QR code in the app. Also, by scanning a QR code, you can get access to a third-party document in the "Digital documents" service.  The eGov Mobile App uploads a document to which access has been allocated by applying to the services of government agencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

A user who provides access to his/her digital documents, can just go to "Digital Documents", open a necessary document and click “Open access” button, after which a unique QR code is generated, which is available for one-time scanning by a third party. In the “Popular services” section, the most popular abstracts are displayed. You can familiarize with a complete list of services by clicking “All services” link or in the “Services” section. It is worth noting that it became more convenient to obtain services via eGov mobile.

We are not just transferring services to the app, but completely rethinking the services themselves. You do not have to enter your own data when obtaining services, the data will be automatically filled in from your eGov personal account.

The app store is also located on the main page:

  • Digital documents” is a service for storing personal electronic documents in the eGov Mobile App. The service also provides an opportunity for a citizen to grant third parties with access to documents upon their consent.
  • Electronic labor exchange” is a single digital platform for employment that enables searching for job. Using the service, you can:

      - create a resume to receive invitations to job interviews from employers, apply to a vacancy or decline an invitation;

      - create a subscription for vacancies based on the specified parameters and receive email notifications.

      - pass a career guidance test, getting the result to determine the professions closest to you.

  • “Health passport” enables getting a clinical document that stores structured information about a patient's health status, as well as data on registration in a medical organization, dispensary records, inpatient data, laboratory results, etc. with capability to upload a document to the "Health" program on iOS.

In "Notifications" section, you can view all the notifications about changes in a status of services.

The "Profile" displays personal information from various state databases about family, personal documents, social status, information about participation in a legal entity, information about cars and real estate, etc.

You can also change the app settings in your profile.


* One-time password is an SMS-notification with a verification code that is sent to a user's mobile phone after sending a request. To use a one-time password, a user should be registered in the Mobile Citizens Database.

Last update: 16.06.2020