Electronic government of the Republic of Kazakhstan

What does electronic government mean and its purposes?

Just try to imagе a society close in your perspective to the ideal one. Sound, with good job, good level of life, favorable living environment – the list can be continued endlessly and according to personal priorities be completed with necessary additional aspects.

But essential part of that society is the state itself. State takes care of the citizens. State provides opportunities for the best way of fulfillment of each citizen. State that guarantees integrity and compliance with law. State oriented to needs and demands of citizens. State with easy, apprehensible and available interaction – a state for people.

Development of information communicational technologies in Kazakhstan may guarantee the implementation of as minimum two last statements. The concept of “electronic government” has been developed for comfort, clear without obstacles communication between the state and the people.

“Electronic government” was created for more effective, transparent and accessible work of government agencies. 

The basis for the creation of the e-Government portal is the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 10, 2004 No. 1471 "On the State program for the formation of e-government in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2005-2007".

National Information Technologies JSC takes direct part in management and supportin of e-Government. The e-Government portal has been functioning since 2006.

Formerly each state agency had been acting separately and had weak contacts with the rest and at the same time citizens had to rush different instances to obtain necessary certificates and references, verifications and other loads of documents. All this made the process of obtainment of only one service unbearable with endless visits to numerous agencies. Today it is all over owing to the projects of the “electronic government”.

Electronic government is the integrated mechanism of interaction between the state and citizens, state agencies with each other, ensuring consistency with the help of informational technologies. This mechanism reduced queues to state agencies and simplified acceptance of certificates, references, permits and many other documents and services.

In other  words “electronic government” it is when for obtainment of license you need only Individual identification number (IIN) (other necessary data is taken by automatic requests), it is when you can pay for utility services and fines online, it is when for getting a certificate at «State-owned corporation «Government for citizens» NJSC you may only need your ID card, it is when you may independently register your business and get the certificate at the “electronic government” web-portal within 10-15 minutes.

Development of the electronic government in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Achievement of the electronic government


Last update: 03.12.2021