Issue of housing certificates

Закрыть Показать Паспорт услуги
Service provision methods
Local authorized bodies of regions, Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Shymkent cities, districts and cities of regional importance
Cost of the service


Terms of the service delivery

When contacting the State Corporation - within 4 working days;

When contacting the service provider - 3 working days.

Full name of service
Issue of housing certificates

Dear citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan!


In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the provision of services on paper media is possible through online reservations in the service centers of the population for the period of quarantine.

How to get the service in a state body or «State-owned corporation «Government for citizens» NJSC (required documents):   

  1. Statement.
  2. Identity document of the applicant and family members (spouse, minor children) (for identification).
  3. Certificate of income for the last 6 (six) months of labor and (or) entrepreneurial activity (for all family members (spouse, minor children)).
  4. Certificate of employment, with the exception of socially vulnerable segments of the population.
  5. Letter from the second-tier bank on the approval of the issuance of a mortgage housing loan for the purchase of housing to the applicant, containing information on the amount, amount of the down payment and the amount of the monthly payment on the mortgage housing loan.

Result of the service delivery

Decision on approval of the issuance of a housing certificate indicating the type, amount or reasoned refusal.