Registration of children from 14 to 16 years of age at the place of residence

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Registration of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan at places of residence

Dear citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan!


In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the provision of services on paper media is possible through online reservations in the service centers of the population for the period of quarantine.
Public services can be obtained online on the Portal of "electronic government", the mobile app Egov Mobile and Telegram-bot EgovKzBot2.0.


Children under 14 years of age are not subject to registration at their place of residence.

In accordance with paragraph 3 of the Rules of registration of internal migrants (approved by RK Government resolution No. 1427 dated 01.12.2011 year), registration at the place of residence shall be citizens under the age of 14.

How to obtain the service online

  1. Log in and click on the Order Online Service button.
  2. Fill in the application and sign it with EDS or through SMS password (subject to your having been registered in the Mobile Citizens Database). You need to get the housing owner consent signed with EDS (if applicant is not the owner him/herself). You need to get consent from co-owners of the housing as well, confirmed with EDS (if applicant is not the only owner of the housing).
  3. In the Personal Online Account (in the “Service obtainment history”, view the notice of your application processing status.

How to obtain the service in “Government for Citizens” Public Corporation (documents to be submitted):

Service recipients (or legal representatives, i.e. parents or guardians - in case with children or citizens adjudged incapable - with submission of documents certifying their authority for being representatives) or trustees presenting notarizes power of attorney for actions contemplated by authority shall present:

  1. National ID card of the housing owner – for evidence of identity (personal presence of the housing owner is mandatory), and his/her consent for permanent/temporary registration in writing, in accordance with the standard for the public service.

To confirm the housing owner/tenant’s right for registration, the service provider shall, using the address registration code (ARC), receive from information systems the data on the owner confirming the grounds for title to housing set forth in the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan as of April 16, 1997 “On Housing Relations”;

 Petition from administration of organization/entity as to the registration (in the event of registration in building and facilities used for people accommodation/staying.);     

  1. National ID card (for children under 16 – birth certificate) and passport of the Republic of Kazakhstan (if available) - for evidence of identity.

 Citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan who arrived from abroad for permanent residence to Kazakhstan should present the passport in which there is a mark of withdrawal from consular register of the former residence country, and in case of no mark of withdeawal from consular register, he/she should present on the following documents:

  • certificate of deregistration from the former residence country, with mandatory indication of citizenship, which certificate should be issued by the Republic of Kazakhstan’s foreign mission (or Consular Service Department of Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Republic of Kazakhstan);
  • document on deregistration from the former place of residence issued and duly certified by the foreign state’s competent agency;
  • abstract of statelessness and no registration issued by a competent agency in the former residence country.

Result of the service delivery

Service provider’s entering the data on permanent residential address, and in case of temporary registration – the data on address of temporary staying – into the information system “Citizens Documentation and Registration Point”, and re-recording the legal address of the service recipient into digital ID card.