Documents acceptance and enrollment to additional education institutions of children

Закрыть Показать Паспорт услуги
Service provision methods
Organizations of additional education of children, organizations of basic secondary education
Cost of the service

Free of charge or paid on preferential grounds to the categories of students provided for by Law

Terms of the service delivery

From the moment of submission of the package of documents – 30 minutes (receipt of documents annually from August 1 to October 1 of the current year).

Full name of service
Documents acceptance and enrollment to additional education institutions of children

How to get a service on the portal

  1. Application of one of the parents (or other legal representatives) of the service recipient in the form of an electronic document signed by the EDS of its representative with the relevant documents attached.

How to get the service in a state body (required documents):

  1. Free-form application, written by parents.
  2. Child's identity document.
  3. Health certificate (medical passport). 

The category of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan who receive social assistance includes:

1) orphaned children, children left without parental care;

2) children with disabilities in development, disabled and disabled since childhood, children with disabilities;

3) children from large families;

4) children in juvenile adaptation centers and support centers for children in difficult situations;

5) children living in boarding schools of General and sanatorium types, boarding schools at schools;

6) children who are brought up and trained in specialized boarding educational organizations for gifted children;

7) pupils of boarding schools;

8) children from families that have the right to receive state targeted social assistance, as well as from families that do not receive state targeted social assistance, in which the average per capita income is below the subsistence minimum;

9) children who, for health reasons, have been studying for a long time in primary, basic secondary or General secondary education programs at home or in organizations that provide inpatient care, as well as rehabilitation and medical rehabilitation;

10) other categories of citizens defined by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.



Result of the service delivery

Transfer of puples in the organization of additional education for children on granting additional education to them on the basis of the statement of one of parents or the lawful representative