Interbank lending

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Second-tier banks
Service provision methods
«Development Bank of Kazakhstan» JSC
Cost of the service

Tariffs for the services delivered by the Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC are fixed by the decision of an authorized department of the Bank pursuant to the in-house regulations of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC

Terms of the service delivery

It takes minimum 43 working days (the term is for a standard category of projects) from the moment of complete documents package submission

How to obtain the service in "Development Bank of Kazakhstan" JSC (required documents):

  1. Loan application from second-tier banks (hereinafter: STB).
  2. Decision of an authorized body of second-tier banks on attraction of the financing instrument (if available at the time of application).
  3. Constituent documents or a register of shareholders holding ten or more percent of STB common shares, disclosing information on all owners of shares/stakes in the charter capital of STB holding ten or more percent of ordinary shares (stakes) to ultimate owners of common stocks (stakes ) in the authorized capital of the second-tier banks. In case of interbank lending, this subparagraph does not apply to STBs, which are the organizations with the minimum required rating. The minimum required rating and the list of rating agencies are established by the regulatory legal act of the authorized body of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  4. STB license for banking operations and other operations provided for by banking legislation.
  5. A document containing specimen signatures of authorized persons and a seal imprint of a second-tier bank.
  6. Documents confirming the authority of a second-tier bank employee authorized to sign contracts on the provision of a financing instrument.
  7. STB order confirming the appointment of an authorized person (full-time employee) of STB.
  8. An audit report (annual report) on the results of operations of the second-tier banks as of the end of the reporting period preceding the filing date of the application, a copy of the financial and regulatory statements of the second-tier banks for the last quarter and last three years with all applications, information available on the Internet resource that allows making analysis of financial condition.
  9. Information on the affiliation of the second-tier banks to financial groups, conglomerates and holdings.
  10. A document in the established form issued by the registering authority confirming the state registration (re-registration) of second-tier banks (certificate/statement of state registration/re-registration of second-tier banks/business identification number).
  11. Identity card and/or passport of a person authorized on behalf of the STB to sign the relevant documents as part of financing the activities of the STB.
  12. A document proving the absence (presence) of tax debt, arrears of mandatory pension contributions and social contributions and (or) a reconciliation statement issued by the tax authorities confirming the absence (presence) of tax debt and other obligatory payments to the budget before the date of consideration of the loan application.

Result of the service delivery

Signing of contract on provision of financing instrument.