Issuance of a license for prospecting

Закрыть Показать Паспорт услуги
Service provision methods
Cost of the service

The amount of the signing bonus is:
Area up to 0,3 km2 - 9 MCI;
Area from 0,3 to 0.5 km2 - 12 MCI;
Area from 0,5 to 0.7 km2 - 15 MCI.

Terms of the service delivery

7 working days


Full name of service
Issuance of a license for prospecting

How to get online service (on the portal “electronic licensing”

  1. On this page go to «Order online service». 
  2. Enter the system or register on the portal «electronic licensing». 
  3. At the page of service familiarize with required documents and pass through “Order online service”
  4. Entering necessary data to fill the application and sign it with your EDS.
  5. To track the status of submitted application is possible in Personal account in the field “My applications”. You can know about getting a permission in the field “My approved documents”, about getting a notification- in the field “My notifications”. 

How to get the service from the Public Authority (required documents):

to obtain a license:

  1. Application.
  2. A document confirming the authority of the person acting on behalf of the applicant when submitting the application, if such a person is appointed by the applicant.
  3. A copy of the document confirming the provision of enforcement of the obligation to eliminate the consequences of prospecting.
  4. A document approved by the applicant and containing a list of mechanization equipment and equipment that is planned to be used in prospecting, as well as a description of the types and methods of work in prospecting that are planned to be carried out at the prospecting site.
  5. The consent of the land user or private owner of the land plot, as well as the user of the subsoil plot in whose territory the application is submitted.
  6. The plan of ministry.

Copies of the documents attached to the application must be notarized.

The application and the documents attached to it must be drawn up in the state and Russian languages.

to renew a license:

  1. Application.


Result of the service delivery

License for prospecting, re-issued license or motivated answer of refuse in state service provision.