Non-profit joint-stock company “State Corporation” Government for Citizens" to coordinate the activities of social and pension provision

The Central branch of the of the State Corporation for the coordination of social and pension provision (formerly the State pension payment center), established in 1997, is one of the main institutional structures in the pension system and an important element of the country's financial and social infrastructure. In the system of the Central Branch of the State Corporation for the Coordination of Social and Pension Provision Activities, specialists with experience in the banking, financial, and social spheres work.

Initially created for the purpose of implementing the pension reform, today the Central branch of the of the State Corporation for coordinating the activities of social and pension provision performs many state-significant functions in the social and financial system of the Republic.

In general, it provides administration of the solidarity, accumulative pension systems and the single aggregate payment, the system of compulsory social insurance, and the system of compulsory medical insurance is currently provided.

Monthly more than 6 million payments are made in a joint pension system, a personified record of more than 9 million depositors in the funded, more than 5 million participants in the social insurance system and more than 4 million participants in the system of mandatory social health insurance".

Management for the provision of information and consultancy services in socio-labor sphere (Contact Center) Central division NAO State Corporation for the coordination of social security and pensions provides information and consulting services on the issues of socio-labor sphere:

  • pension, social security and social insurance;
  • labor relations and employment of the population;
  • monthly allowance for a large family;
  • targeted social assistance;
  • social services portal;
  • and other issues within the competence of the authorized body in the field of labor and social protection of the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Contact Center provides consultations on the following interface:

  • telephone communication-short number 1411 (toll-free);
  • Live-chat in the Telegram messenger bot EgovKzBot2. 0 on issues of social and labor activity.

Last update: 19.02.2021