Mortgage lending today

house in the palm of your handMore and more people today, decided on the mortgage. This is quite a serious matter that requires an adequate amount of information and good preparation. On what you should pay particular attention primarily for mortgage lending? What kind of conditions of various banks, as well as lists of forms and documents necessary for registration of mortgage? This section provides information on highlights of mortgage lending.

What is a Mortgage?

Mortgage - a loan that is issued under the pledge of the real estate. With mortgage borrower obtains a loan to purchase of the real estate and draw up its as a pledge to the bank. Real estate purchased with the help of the mortgage is the property of the borrower from the moment of purchase. Mortgage loan is available on a certain part of the cost of housing. The remaining part of the flat’s price should be paid by the borrower's own funds, and is called down payment.

Features of a mortgage loan

Mortgage conditions, such as, requirements to the borrower, credit terms, interest rates various at different banks and constantly change. There are new mortgage programs, changes requirements to borrowers, decrease or contrary raise interest rates. To understand all moments of registration of the mortgage, attentively study offered information on mortgage lending.

Steps on mortgage lending registration

Information for banks

Set of documents

Restrictions in the mortgage legislation


Last update: 18.10.2021