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At present, you can undergo training in the Military training department on a voluntary basis in Kazakhstan. The admission to the Military training department is a chance for further enrollment in the reserve as a military officer. As you know, to enroll in the reserve you have to go through the army. And graduates of Military training departments do not need to do this. Only those who are not in reserve are called up for military service.

How to enter the Military training department?

Students who study only in full-time education, aged no older than 25 years for the year of the contest, who have no previous convictions can enter a military department.

Selection for training at the military department is conducted on the basis of a competition in accordance with the recruitment plan sent to the Defense Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan every year until March 1 of the year of admission.

Acceptance of documents by the military department ends on May 20 of the year of admission, and the results of medical examination on May 31 of the year of enrollment in the year of the competition.

Lists of students studying at the faculty (in the institute) in the form, according to Appendix 1 to this Regulation, are formed in the dean's offices and transferred to the military department before the documents are accepted.

The competition for the selection of students for training at the military department is carried out in three stages:

  1. the first stage is the passage of a medical examination in accordance with the Rules for Conducting Military Medical Examination and the Regulations on the bodies of military medical examination in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, approved by Order No. 373 of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan of July 2, 2015 (registered in the Register of State Regulatory Acts No. 11846) (hereinafter - Rules for Military Medical Examination);
  2. the second stage is the conduct of professional and psychological testing;
  3. the third stage - checking physical preparedness.

Organization of acceptance of documents and passing the first stage of the competition is assigned to the military department, and the second and third stages are conducted by the selection committee.

Passage of each stage of the competition is allowed only once. A candidate, who did not pass the previous stage, is not allowed to the next stage.

A student who has expressed a desire to participate in the competition for training at the Military training department submits the following documents:

  1. Application;
  2. Identity card (original and copy);
  3. Military service registration certificate or military service record book (original and copy);
  4. 2 photos in size 3x4 cm;
  5. The original and a copy of one of the documents (if any), confirming the fact of absence of custody of the child of the only or both parents, or documents confirming the establishment of guardianship (guardianship);
  6. Certificate on the absence of previous convictions and administrative offenses according to form approved by the order of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan of July 27, 2015, No. 95 "On approval of public service standards" (registered in the Register of state registration of regulatory legal acts No. 12055);
  7. A document (if any) that confirms the sports category, prize place in the republican or international competition of performers of the current year, in the international olympiad in general subjects, as well as in the Presidential or Republican Olympiad in general subjects for the last three years;
  8. Two clear sheet protectors for registration of personal file;

How is training goes on at Military training departments?

Military training of students is an additional type of training and is composed of theoretical and practical training courses, training for young students or professional practice for female students. In total, 588 academic hours are allocated for military training, of which 360 academic hours at the university and 228 academic hours at the training camp (professional practice for female students).

Military training under the reserve officers' program is carried out at no charge and on a reimbursable basis. For training on a reimbursable basis, students who did not pass the terms of the competition for training on a gratuitous basis and who are recommended by the selection committee for training on a reimbursable basis are attracted.

Military training of trainees is organized and carried out by the "war day" method. Given the specifics of training in a particular university, another form of organizing military training can be established.

The ban from military training is carried out by the order of the head of the university on the following grounds:

  1. poor progress;
  2. for violation of internal regulations approved by the head of the university (in any form);
  3. absence from 18 hours of study sessions during the academic period, excluding absences for sickness, family and work-related reasons;
  4. own will;
  5. state of health;
  6. non-payment for education, in the case of training on a fee basis

Students banned under subparagraphs 1) to 5) can not be reinstated in military training, banned in accordance with subparagraph 6) when making payment for tuition on a fee basis within one month from the date of issuing the ban order, are allowed to further military training

Students, who have completed a full course of military training, passed exams and underwent field training, after receiving a diploma of graduation in the established order assigned the military rank of "reserve lieutenant", “lieutenant of the reserve medical service”.

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